Top 10 Homework Excuses

What are the common homework excuses from kids? Many learners wonder why they get punished when they don’t do their homework, yet people believe one should not receive punishment for something they haven’t done. Therefore, most students have to come up with excuses to convince the teacher why they did not complete the assignment. Sometimes it is extreme, but one has to be safe:

Our pet ate the assignment

Most students use this to trap the mind of the teacher, who will be more concerned with the pet status than the assignment. Some will say the pet unintentionally shredded the homework immediately after they completed, yet they never attempted. Others blame it on the playful nature of their pets hence making the teacher fall for it.

Forgetting it at home

As much as it may not sound convincing, learners do use it to get out of trouble. One may not be less enthusiastic about the work and pray for the teacher not to collect the homework. When they turn up, the art of forgetfulness becomes a defensive mechanism.


A severe headache is a savior. Working on the assignment requires full brain engagement and problems; therefore, one cannot tackle it. The student will explain that despite being unwell and with undone homework, they still made it to school. Which teacher won’t believe such?

Domestic calamity

“The floods swept our house, the house caught fire and burnt the homework” are but part of the excuses. Some may be credible, but most are just for escaping the homework affair, as usual, it students avoided doing.

Power outage

It is one of the excuses that has passed from one generation to another. The fact that it coincidentally happens when one settles down to work on the assignment is what makes it funnier. One will insist on how they wanted to use other sources of light but were afraid of the effects on their sight.

Malfunctioning device

Technology being the order of the day, device breakdown is no longer an excuse as most teachers know. Telling them either the laptop died, or the file wasn’t compatible is not enough as they may request the work in soft copy, creating that awkward moment.


The fact that one survived and lost the homework never adds up. If the theft happened while heading to school, be the hero and let no one steal the homework from the briefcase.

Failure to understand the homework.

Get a good number of hard-to-pronounce words from the unit and convince the teacher of how hard it was to get the concept. Make them believe some parts were more manageable but not the homework, but with better reading, it will be a walkover.

Little time

Engaging in extracurricular activities like jogging, fishing, and volunteering is more enjoyable than doing homework; however, using it as an excuse means one has got their priorities wrong. It simply means one doesn’t take their schoolwork seriously like they do with other activities.

Having no idea homework existed.

Unless one is suffering from memory loss, this is inexcusable as it is similar to not being interested in doing it.

Schoolwork can get extremely busy, and if not planned, one may never have enough time. Procrastination may hinder one from having things done on time. Homework being part of schoolwork should be taken seriously, and if not done or unfinished, be honest with the teacher to avoid the weird excuses. But most crucial, plan your time well and complete the assignment to prevent such reasons.

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